Nov 30, 2011

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 ( Download Offline Installer with Tab-IM Windows

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 ( Download Offline Installer with Tab-IM Windows

It been almost a half of a year since the latest version of Yahoo Messenger 11 ( released by Yahoo. You might feels that it too long that there is no update for this client, so do I. Today, finally the newest version of Yahoo Messenger ready to download. It is the Yahoo Messenger 11.5 version or we can say as eleven and a half version. The precise version for this YM 11.5 is version.

On of the new feature that been added to this 11.5 version is the tabbed window in Instant Message. This is, personally the most wanted feature that we are longing for so long. We knew that some of third party Yahoo Messenger client already had this tab window feature, for example the Yahoo Messenger on Pidgin. Although it a little bit too late, I still appreciate for Yahoo works about this latest update of Yahoo.

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 with Tab IM Window on bottom bar

The Tab-IM seems had a difference approach on this YM 11.5. It been designed under the bottom of the window. As you might knew, usually the tab bar is placed in tob bar window. Firefox, chrome, as a browser also use it in top bar as its tabbed windows, but for Yahoo Messenger 11.5 it location differently. See the image above to understand more.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Offline Installer

Although you might be love to install this Yahoo Messenger 11.5 via online installer, but in the case you got a trouble on installing using the online mode (especially if you connection isn't good enough), you can alternatively use the Offline Installer file. Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Offline Installer is also know as the stand alone version in which by using this stand alone version you don't need to use your internet connection in installing Yahoo Messenger.

Download YM 11.5 Offline Installer (US Server) | Download (UK)

Another Features?

If you wanna find out the updated features available in this, please read it directly to this official announcement at ymessengerblog at here. It would gave you a quick look about additional features such as spam management, added games, and else

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