Nov 14, 2011

On the Retire of Yahoo Web Messenger - The Alternative Solution

On the Retire of Yahoo Web Messenger - The Alternative Solution

Yahoo Officially announced that Yahoo Web Messenger--Yahoo Messenger that can be accessed just via your Web Browser--is retired. Let say Goodbye and Farewell to Y Web Messenger, after been served us so many years. But, how about the users that already "fall in love" with the Y! Web Messenger? How if they are not having any desktop client in there PC and the only way that usually use to login to YM is via Yahoo Web Messenger? Is there any alternative? These are some of Online Web Base Yahoo Messenger than can replace the Yahoo! Web Messenger.

Karoo Lark Multi Protocol Web Messenger support Yahoo Messenger

Although some of them are third party Chat client, it still save and valuable to be used as alternative solution. Here are some of them that you can use to login to your YM via web browser without need any additional installation.

  1. Web Base IM of Yahoo Messenger on Yahoo Mail.
    Go to you Yahoo Mail and you can use the Yahoo Mail Chat feature as you web base Yahoo Messenger Instant Messaging Client. Although you can't join a Yahoo Room, but for simple text message for Instant Message, this Yahoo Mail Messenger Chat would be enough for you
  2. Meebo.
    Go to and you can start to use Yahoo Account to access Yahoo Messenger. Even though meebo is a multi protocol web base messenger, which means you can also use it for other IM service such as Gtalk, Jabber, AIM or WLM, still it enough for you as an alternative solution as your Yahoo Web Messenger Client. Meebo also provide meebo chat room and meebo video camera (this features are meebo features, not YM features!)
  3. Karoo lark (formerly Another multi protocol web messenger which support Yahoo protocol is Karoo lark. Go to with your web browser and choose what the protocol that you need to use (at this case Yahoo Messenger), then you can login with your Yahoo account. Karoolark also supports for mobile device and desktop client. The Karoolark support Gtalk, Jabber, AIM, Facebook Chat, WLM and ICQ.
  4. eBuddy. Even though ebuddy known as multi protocol im client for mobile phone / Smartphone (Android, Windows Phone, java, Symbian support), on site it also provide a web base chat client. You can use Yahoo Messenger in there but first you need to create a meebo account.
Although there are more than 4 alternative web base YM client to replace the Yahoo Web Messenger, it seems the four of the web IM client that we mentioned above are the best among the other. So just choose one of them. Note: Personally, we are quite sad on the Retirement of Yahoo! Web Messenger. Almost two years ago, they said that they would added webcam feature on Yahoo! Web Messenger, and before this features available on it, it already decided to be "ended". RIP Yahoo Web Messenger. We love you.

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