Jun 6, 2008

Unlock Locked Yahoo ID Account [Yahoo Messenger How To]

Unlock Locked Yahoo ID Account [Yahoo Messenger How To]

I ever wrote a posting relating how to unlock you locked id before, but for some case if that unlocked tips ways does not work properly, you can also use tips and trick to unlock your yahoo account in others ways. Here I will give you that tips.

First, you may know that someone locked your account used this tricks. They will enter an incorrect password using your username over and over again until the id or username got banned by yahoo server. Usually, it takes around 30 times. This multiple times of incorrect login, in the yahoo point of view will make the account banned automatically because of “security reasons”. You will be unable to access you username chat.

To understanding this locked id, every time you login in yahoo messenger, that meant you asking yahoo server first to identify whether your id is correct or not with its password. This also need a cookie in yahoo server to providing information packet of your id to be claim (id account).

When people attempt to log in with your username or account multiple times with locking software or lock tools or even manually, they used incorrect password over and over again until the cookie at yahoo server expires. That meant the username will no longer available or allowed to login.

Thus, if you want to make your id account work again or can login again in yahoo messenger, all you have to do just refresh or reset your cookie. But, how its can be done if your id still got blocked?

The easiest way is try to find another yahoo server. There are many of yahoo server all over the work. Just find one of them, and paste that yahoo server url into your web browser and log in on the page that you see with your account. This will make you refresh the cookie again and you will be able to login in messenger again. Be sure that the yahoo server have to be differ with the server that you got locked.

This trick will cover the disability when you will recover the yahoo id that got locked thru yahoo mail login. The hard lock tools usually locked mail server and messenger at the same time. That why unlock account from login mail didn’t work.

Below are the yahoo server that you can use to unlock your yahoo account. Enjoy it!

For Chat Login:

http://hk.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- HK
http://tw.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<--- Taiwan
http://in.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<--- India
http://chat.yahoo.co.jp/?myHome <<<--- Japan
http://chat.yahoo.co.jp/?myHome <<<--- Korea
http://sg.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- Singapore
http://chinese.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- Chinese
http://cn.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- China
http://asia.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- Asia
http://au.chat.yahoo.com/?myHome <<<--- Australia & Nz
http://dk.chat.yahoo.com/ <<<--- Denmark
http://fr.docs.yahoo.com/chat/chatbylycos.html <<<--- France
http://de.docs.yahoo.com/chat/chatbylycos.html <<<--- Germany
http://it.docs.yahoo.com/chat/chat.html <<<---Italy
http://no.chat.yahoo.com/ <<<--- Norway
http://es.docs.yahoo.com/chat/chatbylycos.html <<<--- Spain

Yahoo Server:

http://cn.mail.yahoo.com/?id=77070 <<<--- CHINA http://edit.india.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=in <<<--- INDIA http://edit.europe.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=uk <<<--- EUROPE/UK http://login.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=cf <<<--- FRENCH CANADIAN http://my.yahoo.co.jp/ <<<---JAPAN http://login.yahoo.com/config/login <<<--- USA

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