Oct 15, 2007

Y! Intai Download and Tutorial: Web cam Yahoo Messenger Capture and Grabber

Y! Intai Download and Tutorial: Web cam Yahoo Messenger Capture and Grabber

[Though, Mr Downstruck announced that YIntai is terminated, YIntai still works / alive by using a Patch called YIntai Stolen] If you are a chatter maniac, particularly used yahoo messenger, you already know that the web cam (web camera) viewer used to view cam from your partner chatter can not be capture or grabber or save in a file. This mean we can not recorded the web cam (such as notebook web cam) we have been viewed before. Yahoo messenger, indeed, doesn’t give us that kind of tools or support. We only can grab and save the webcam yahoo messenger by pressing print screen and edit that copy screen via paint or other tools image processing. It’s upsetting, is it?

Fortunately, Yahoo Intai have the solution for that kind of difficulties. Y! Intai is software that has main purpose to capture and save the image from notebook web cam or your computer webcam to a picture, so we can record and view again in another time without losing the best moment we have. Y! Intai is very well known among web cammer [a name for chatter who loves to seek a web cam and grabbed].

Tutorial yahoo intai for Dummies: Like chatting in official chat client yahoo messenger, Y! Intai need a user name or Id to login to the server of yahoo messenger then Y! Intai can be used to view and capture web cam from your chatter friend. Unfortunately for us, Y! Intai cannot be used to enter the chat room or to make a simple conversation or talk by sending Instant Message or Private Message. Y! Intai was designed for notebook web cam or computer web cam purpose only. The question is: If we cannot join room or PM with yahoo intai, where we can find our user name friend and grab him or her notebook web cam. The answer is: Used your official yahoo messenger to find the user name and write the user name to Y! Intai. If, the user is online and used web cameras, automatically, Yahoo Intai will show the user online and used web cam by an icon. You can also find a list of user name by adding your friend list in yahoo intai folder. Another easy way to find the user name is try to seek user names from forum that talk and discuss about web cam user name.

Here another tutorial for you, relating Y! Intai: For a best result to seek web cameras via chat room, you can used MultiID and enter a number of chat room that have an enough web cam (in your notebook or computer desktops) chatter in it. It can be easily find by the indicating web cameras when we try to join room. Showed like this w[3]. This mean in a chat room have 3 users ID that online with web cam from their notebook or computer.

Here I will give you a link Y! Intai that can be downloaded and used Y! Intai in your chatting world. Yahoo Intai is a free ware, so you can be used without any charged on it.

Get Y! Intai Download Links

If you had an error when you running Yahoo Intai, I have a solution that I write in other my artikel. Just visit yahoo intai error page.

For newest released of Yintai calls as Y! Intai 2.Fx just read and download at

Y! Intai 2.Fx Released

PS: Intai is Indonesian language for Spy and Y for Yahoo: Yahoo Intai

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