Oct 25, 2007

What is bots in Yahoo Messenger?

What is bots in Yahoo Messenger?

Bots I a kind of username or ID that used by lamer to attack an opponent or victim that they have been targeted. Usually lamer or booter makes ID bots with software. It named by ID creator. ID bot is like a bullet in a gun. If bullet reloads to a gun, the bot has to be login to boot software before they will be used. Lamer can make bots almost infinitely, more bots they made and they used more effective the attacking occurred.

Kind of Bots

Bots can be divided into many kinds, depending how they attack. Here I will give you some kind of bots that ordinary use by a lamer

PM Bots /PM Bomb

Yahoo Private Message Bots or Yahoo PM Bomb is the most popular bots attacker. This is a basic of bots. PM bots attack a target with hundred or thousand of windows PM that will make a target disconnected or computer going to error. Its so annoying. The attacker can made a message in each of their bots Message. According to kind of message the lamer used, the PM bots can be divided into BUZZ PM Bots, Smiley PM Bots, Custom PM bots, and others

Game Bots

This is bots / Game Bomb that use a facility of yahoo messenger in inviting to play a game. Just like PM bots, the lamer send multiple inviting game to the victim. This is more dangerous because Game Bots have a larger bandwidth and make more effective to disconnecting the target. Game Bots can be divided in some type, according to the kind of game they used: Pool Game bots, Chess Game bots, and others

File Sending Bots

File bots is a kind of bots that used the facility of yahoo messenger sending file. The lamer sending a file with thousand of ID they used. With one File the send multiple windows thru ID bots. Exactly like PM bots or Game bots. In this case, the lamer can choice the kind of file and how large the size of the file.

Add Buddy Bots

This bots will make multiple add to the victim. If the lamer choice or attack with 1000 bots with this kind of bots, the victim will receive an add notification with a number of 1000. It will make a victim so annoying.

Invite Conference or Room Bots

Just like their name, Invite Conference bots or Room Invite Bots will make a hundred or thousand bots appear to invite to conference or join room

Invite Cam Bots

This bots or Cam Bomb will make a thousand invite to see or watch their cam.

All of kinds bots always use the facility or tools that have available in yahoo messenger room. To avoid and protect yourself from all of that kind of bots, all you have to do is shut down all the facility. I have give you a tutorial and software to save you from bots activity. You can protect yourself with anti boot via yahoo messenger or you can use anti boot software or use anti boot via Multi ID to do this job.

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