Oct 17, 2007

YahElite, YmLite, Yam: Unofficial Chat Clients Yahoo Messenger Download and Review

YahElite, YmLite, Yam: Unofficial Chat Clients Yahoo Messenger Download and Review

A lot of chatter knew that Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular chat servers service. We can talk by voice, text, even by camera when we use YM chat service. Beside an official chat client Yahoo Messenger, those are many other unofficial yahoo chat client developed by some programmer to support chat activities via Yahoo Server. The programmer developed unofficial chat client for many purposed. One of the most important reasons is to build a chat client that save from attacker via boot attack or other. This mean the chat client become more stable and have a good security that cam be your secure instant messenger programs for you business activity or even make them as your corporate Instant messenger. And the activities of our chatting become far from disconnected.

Here I’ll give you some of unofficial yahoo chat clients to be downloaded and to be used. These are yahoo messenger chat client that the most used by chatter in the world wide. I am personally more like to used these chat clients than official yahoo chat client , especially when I was in the chat room. I’ll try to give some of point a view of unofficial chat clients depend on my own experience.

YahElite (An acronym from Yahoo Elite)

YahElite is the most popular unofficial chat client of yahoo messenger. May be the popularity is caused by the stability, speed of connection and security provided by this yahoo chat client. YahElite is free ware software. Therefore you can download and use Yahoo Elite chat client with a free payment or registration. YahElite is created and developed by David J. Binette. The official web site for YahElite is www.yahelite.org.

Goodness of YahElite: Stability, Speed, Security, Tools, and unbootable, no advertisement.

The Plus Point when I am trying this software is the stability and the speed when we connect to the chat room or when we login to the server of yahoo messenger. YahElite also have a good protection again spam, bots and other harmful activities. You can also use a sock proxy or proxy to connect to yahoo server. Webcam is available if you want to see your friend’s web cam via YahSee software. When you want to use your microphone and talk via voice chat, you can also use YahElite option to talk with your friend. Tattoo is available too. You can also make an alternating font easier and better with YahElite chat client software than you use official yahoo messenger. This Secure Instant Messenger can make you feel save when you doing you business Instant Message such as for Deal with your client or your partner And of course YahElite have no advertisement on it’s, so you can avoid unnecessary advertisement that always make us annoyed.

Download YahElite
Click here to download YahElite

Badness of YahElite: Emotion Icons, Nickname, Appearance, and complicated

One of the difficulty or badness relating to YahElite is this software not easy to operate, especially, for newbie or beginner users. The options are too many which seldom make a beginner user disoriented. Although the emotion icons more complete than regular or official yahoo messenger, YahElite didn’t support with animated icons. The icons stuck just like silent picture. The appearance of YahElite is not good enough, simple, and minimalis. Of course, this make YahElite not eyes catching. YahElite also doesn’t make nickname appear in the chat room. It is also difficult to use public id in YahElite.


Y!mLite is another unofficial yahoo chat client software that rarely used among chatter. Its sound good for Your Business Instant Messenger, is'nt it? Created and developed by Craic. C (YM ID craig.us). Y!mLite or Yahoo Messenger Elite have a two mode option login to yahoo messenger server for a better reason. If you want to be bootable when you are in chat room, you can login using YMSG mode, but I recommended you to use DHTML mode to make you become unbootable. This is a good thing belong to Y!mLite.

You can find and download Y!mLite from his official web site in www.ymlite.us.

Goodness of Y!mLite: Appearance, stability, unbootable, and emotion icons

Download YmLite
Click here to download Y!mLite

In my opinion, Y!mLite have a good appearance. You can also change Y!mLite skin if you get bored using default skin. The skin appearance of Y!mLite almost like windows xp skin. The stability when you are in chat room is good enough. Y!mLite also become unbootable (Secure Instant Messenger) when you are activated some of bots filter or spam filter and login undre DHTML mode. The icons also complete, moreover, you can also get a number of icons that specially design and created for Y!mLite user. You can also used a voice or web cam in Y!mLite

Badness of Y!mLite: Operating, Popularity, Help and connection

For a newbie or beginner users, Y!mLite not easy to operate and use. Popularity is bad. When you are get problem operating Y!mLite, unfortunately, the Help menu doesn’t help you to find the answer of your problem. You must go to Y!mLite forum to find a help. Trying to DHTML login mode also took a long connection and sometime it doesn’t work when the bandwith of our connetion is too slow. But, for business activity, I also recommend you to use YmLite as your Business chat Instant Messenger Client.


Yam is one of the kind of unbootable yahoo chat client I ever proved. I enjoy using this chat client because of the flexibility, easy to install and operated.

Goodness of Yam >> flexibility, operated and appearance

For a newbie Yam is the solution when they are want to have a good and easy yahoo chat client but have a good unbootable. You do not have to install this chat client to operate and using it. You only have to extract to a folder and just in one click you already using it. You can bring a Yam chat client in flash disk and you just plug your flash disk to the computer and using Yam chat client without install in a new computer. The appearance of Yam is also good. You can change the skin and download new skin. You also can use a tattoo when chat in the chat room.

Download Yam
Click here to Download Yam

Badness of Yam: Webcam, and text font

Yam does support a Webcam, so you can not see a web cam from your friend or from yourself. The text font also simple and we cannot change enough in text font. When I used a official yahoo messenger and get a message in chat room from Yam chat client the font was small and cannot be resize to a bigger ones. This is also great simple secure Instant Messenger that make your business save and secure.

There are many kind of chat client that are not listed in this article such as: YTunnel, Jam, YTK, YahHeaven, NO5, Yazak, CheetaChat, Z-Chat, and others. Gaim, Trillian, Meebo also another chat client that not only used for yahoo messenger but also MSN, GTalk and other. Next time I want to update this article and review about some of that software or client. For YTunnel and YTK, you must get these softwares with a charge or payment.

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